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How our Support workers can help you

Everyone is different, and so are their support needs. Our Support Workers have a range of different backgrounds and experiences, and we work closely with our clients to ensure we get a great match. Support Workers can help in lots of different ways, according to your needs and how you want to live your life. Here are some of the ways they can tailor their time to support you best:

Supporting your Lifestyle

  • Personal and practical assistance to enable you to live your chosen lifestyle
  • Working with you, family members and other carers and support workers to ensure consistency and continuity of care
  • Advocate for and with you, where needed and appropriate
  • Respecting your right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Being on the lookout for you - identifying and helping to work through health issues, accidents, or hazards.

 Supporting your Health

  • Arranging and collecting prescriptions
  • Accompanying you to medical appointments
  • Keeping an eye on your general health.

 Supporting you with the day to day basics

  • Assisting you to shower, dress and with basic hygiene
  • Assistance with laundry, ironing and personal presentation
  • Shopping for groceries and other requirements
  • Assisting with preparation and cooking of meals, as well as setting, clearing and washing of dishes
  • Assistance with eating and drinking
  • Help with home cleaning duties
  • Driving you to and from appointments and events.

 Support to get out and about (Community Access)

  • Accompanying you on outings and activities that you’re interested in attending.

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