NDIS Support Coordination

Support Coordination is designed to build the capacity (knowledge, experience, skills and confidence) of a Participant or their key decision maker in making the most of all sources of support available to them, including those in their NDIS Plan:

Informal Supports - these are the supports provided by carers, family or friends.

Mainstream and Community Supports - these are available to all members of the Australian community regardless of whether they have a disability or not. For example, supports provided or funded through the health, education or transport systems.

Funded Supports - these are the supports specifically listed in an NDIS Plan as being both reasonable and necessary.


Your LiveBetter Support Coordinator will:

Help you to understand what's in your NDIS Plan, and what options are available to you under the categories of funding provided.

Listen to you and understand what is important to you, the types of outcomes you want from your plan or what skills or capabilities you want to develop.

Work with you to agree on how your Plan could be used to achieve these outcomes, while putting forward options for you to consider in terms of local providers, suppliers, resources and activities.

Advise you on ways to maximise Plan value, for instance where you can attend a Therapeutic appointment instead of having a Therapist come to you, savings can be made by avoiding the cost of travel for the Therapist.

Recommend appropriate respite or learning options, such as outings, excursions, short-term stay camps or supported holidays.

Discuss with you pathways for transitioning major life stages such as school years to work life and/or day programs, or leaving home for supported accommodation.


Your Support Coordinator can also support you throughout the NDIS Plan Review process. This usually occurs annually, sometimes once every two years.

It's important to make sure you utilise 100% of your supports provided as part of your Plan, and don't allow hours to go unused before the Plan expires. Non-use or under-use of hours may indicate to the NDIS that these supports are not needed, and may be reduced or discontinued when the following Plan is issued. 

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