Psychology and Behaviour Support

For people living with a disability and their parents/carers, navigating behaviours and emotions can be especially complex. Where such circumstances are identified the NDIS can provide support, which usually begins with a detailed Behaviour Assessment performed by a suitably qualified and experienced Psychologist. The Behaviour Assessment marks the beginning of this therapeutic process and may take several sessions to complete. At the end, a clearer picture tends to emerge as to the complexity of the behaviour and suggestions for ongoing support. Behavioural Support is the process of working with a participant (and sometimes their parents/carers) to steer and reinforce positive coping skills and responses.

Our team of highly qualified clinicians come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, and are highly skilled to support people living with a disability. 

Positive interventions include:

  • Standardised assessment
  • Development of Incident Prevention and Response Plans
  • Behaviour Support Plan consultancy and development
  • Individual programming and therapies
  • Guidance for families, carers and support staff
  • Counselling.


  • Improve the quality of life for people with a disability 
  • Prevent the emergence of challenging behaviour through addressing factors known to precipitate them
  • Ensure early identification and early intervention 
  • Support other service providers by providing support to manage or prevent challenging behaviour.


  • Increased access to family, educational, vocational and community life
  • Safer home, school, vocational and community environments
  • Improved skills and stress tolerance of the Participant and their families and carers.


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