Learning Program Success Story!

Read about Megan's amazing progress

Published 27.08.19

Meghan is 25 years of age and has been working with our NDIS Learning and Development Specialist Monique Wadwell since January this year. Meghan is bright and articulate and clearly loves her time in the LiveBetter Newcastle office.

Megan has a hearing impairment and some areas of delayed development, which you certainly wouldn’t know from meeting her. It’s when she enthusiastically explains how Monique has helped her learn to count coins, read and understand analogue clocks that you get a sense of how proud she is of her achievements, and the difference it has made in her day to day life.

“Before I had to use notes only (when going shopping), because I didn’t understand what each coin meant. Now I understand the coin values and how to put them together, so I can pay for things much easier now” she said.

Reading time was also a problem, “I found clocks confusing – I would see a digital clock but not understand how it related to an analogue clock. Now I can tell the time and know about things like ‘quarter-past’ and ‘quarter-to’ on the clock”.

Monique attests to Meghan’s progress, indicating that she has slowed her reading style down in a way which helps her to understand the meaning of the sentence beyond just replaying a sequence of words.

Her mathematics has improved as well. She can manually subtract double figures, and she say’s that the pace of learning is what really helps, “each week Mon gives me a little bit of homework, not too much so that I get overwhelmed though. I just work through the pages she gives me, and we go through it together at the next catch up”.

Meghan lives at home with her Mum and Dad, and has supportive sisters, friends and a boyfriend.

She hopes one day to live independently and work in retail. Until then, she is happy to keep learning and building up her skills and confidence.

Monique Wadwell is an experienced educator in numeracy, literacy, first aid certification, budgeting, household skills, job skills and can facilitate small groups with an emphasis on learning. She tailors each learning program to the needs and interests of the individual and teaches at a pace that’s right for each person. Monique works from the Newcastle office, close to public transport (Hamilton Train Station and Bus stops).

Monique’s services are available if you have an NDIS Plan with funding in Core Supports or Capacity Building. For more information please call (02) 4979 7777 or email Monique.Wadwell@livebetter.org.au.