10 year old rescue dog Reba steals the show

10 year old rescue dog Reba steals the show

Published 25.07.16

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On Monday December 14th 2015, a special act of giving took place at the Leapfrog Education and Resource Centre.

Earlier this year, Dog Rescue Newcastle Volunteer Siobhan Purins received an unusual donation from a member of the community, by way of a large bundle of assorted wool. Siobhan was unsure how the rescue centre could make use of the wool, so she forwarded the donation on to Leapfrog ability's “Connections Knitting Group”, a weekly get together of local people living with a disability.

Group members decided to put the wool to good use by knitting much needed dog blankets. Twelve weeks later, more than 30 blankets were today donated back to Newcastle Dog Rescue representative Pam Anderson.

Pam explained that even though we are heading into Summer, when dogs arrive at the rescue centre they are sometimes traumatised, so keeping them feeling warm and secure is important. The blankets are a perfect way to achieve this, and when the dogs are adopted out to their new homes, they will take their special blanket with them. "Most of the dogs have never had anything belong to them, so having a blanket that is solely theirs is a wonderful gift", Pam said.

As for the handing over of the blankets, it was Pam's own rescue dog, 10 year old Reba, who stole the show.

Reba quickly found herself surrounded by adoring Leapfrog clients and staff who provided plenty of pats, tummy tickles and ear scratches. And she deserved it - Reba was surrendered to Newcastle Dog Rescue a little over 12 months ago. She had sustained a severe leg injury as a pup which, left untreated rendered her lame in one leg. Reba was placed with foster carer Pam in poor condition and desperately in need of a loving and caring family to spend her senior years with. The two grew very attached to one another, and when the time came for Reba to be offered up for adoption, Pam was first in line.

Anthony Mitchell, CEO of Leapfrog ability says he is proud of the efforts of the group. “Our knitting group are rightly proud of the work they have contributed toward making the life of rescued dogs a little more comfortable”, he said. “Giving and receiving, particularly to those in need is an act of true compassion, and provides enormous personal satisfaction to people”. “I’m delighted that our clients have had the opportunity to take on this project. They have poured their hearts and souls into it, and the results speak for themselves” he said.