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The aim of Fair Go for Kids is to secure ongoing community and business support to raise funds to help children in need. Then, with donations received, we pay for services such as medical procedures, early intervention programs, therapy and equipment.


The Fair Go for Kids Mission:

  • To reduce the hardship and distress of children in our community who are disadvantaged or living with a disability. We do this by dramatically shortening the time it takes for them to receive treatment, equipment or support
  • We believe that a child who is disadvantaged or has a disability has the right to experience life in the same way and receive the same opportunities as any child in the community
  • We believe that a child who is disadvantaged or has a disability should not be forced to wait unnecessarily for treatment, equipment or support
  • We believe that community and business support, whether it be financial, in-kind, or through volunteers, has the biggest and most powerful positive influence on the lives of the children and families we help
  • Fair Go for Kids relies solely on the generosity of the community and business sectors. This program does not receive government funding, so without your support we are unable to help children in need
  • To maintain flexibility and minimise red tape in providing help to children in need.


Here are some of the many ways in which your donation can assist a child in need:

  • Purchase equipment for a child such as a sling, communication aid or a modified pram
  • Sponsor a child’s treatment, for instance, speech therapy
  • An early intervention assessment for a child that can prevent the worsening of their condition.

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